The project's plot is located close to the village of Skrunda and spreads between the main road and the Venta river.

This architectural proposition entangles tourists with locals, with natural features, and with cultural traditions. Rather than scattering the cabins in the plot in a way that would isolate the guests, the proposition offers a consolidation of the program by the river's bank in the form of a small village. A network of elevated wooden paths guides the visitors through the evolving landscape of the farm until they reach the village. The majority of the plot is left free and is used to deploy an extensive permaculture farm where guests and locals are invited to learn about local and sustainable farming practices, and where they can buy fresh products.

The village cabins are conceived as a collection of thatched roofs, reviving vernacular practices. The cabins are scattered around the path, sheltered among the trees. Two shared buildings stand on the river's bank: the sauna, and the communal shed. Since the Venta river is a popular place for locals and tourists to kayak, the communal shed offers a new stop along this leisure route in which local events such as the annual fishing festival can be hosted.

Second Prize in the competition ‘Caramel Shore traveller rooms’ for Bee Breeders