Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world; yearly, it contributes to around 10% of the global GDP. We hear mostly about its negative impact on the environment, local businesses, and communities. But tourism is a powerful tool that can have a positive impact when it acknowledges Terri-Tour.

Clara chooses the term ‘Terri-Tour’ to define a new approach to tourism on a territorial scale.

Terri-tour proposes a methodology to approach tourism interventions that begin with in-depth research on the local community, land, and existing tourism forms. This context study is essential to look at sustainable tourism as a whole and avoid mass tourism.

The goal of Terri-Tour is to propose an innovative approach where ‘tourists’ are encouraged to become ‘engaged visitors’ by learning about the context and supporting the local community. The map is a fundamental part of the process and guides the visitors and creates a network among locals. When the project involves renovation or construction, the initial research helps identify the type of local resources to use and the actors involved and affected by the intervention.

Terri-Tour promotes sustainable tourism that supports the local economy, environment, and history.


︎︎︎Curriculum Vitae

︎︎︎Destination Stewardship Center

Clara is an architectural and urban designer whose practice intersects communities, rural tourism, and architecture.

She is originally from Switzerland and obtained her M.Sc in architecture at the ETH in Zürich. Her master's thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Momoyo Kaijima, proposed a tactical strategy of renovation involving local crafts and community to transform tourism and its impact on the territory. Clara practiced as an architectural designer in Australia, where she researched strategic renovations for tourism in rural towns in Victoria and their effects on the local community and economy. Beyond territorial mapping approaches, Clara’s practice leverages workshops to anchor tactical interventions in territories and communities. In Boston, Clara worked as an architect at OverUnder, focusing on public infrastructure, urban design, and community engagement.

Clara is currently working part-time as an Urban planner/Architect at Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau in Zürich where she is developing her expertise in regional development further in the context of Switzerland. In parallel, she is looking for opportunities to develop further sustainable tourism strategies while volunteering for the Destination Stewardship Center, where she is a topic editor on architecture and placemaking.